The Baker, aka CookieMonsterI’m a 20-something working in internet advertising in San Francisco, and I have a sweet tooth so strong it ought to be illegal. I don’t bake daily, and I don’t bake weekly. I do, however, make up as many occasions as possible to justify baking regularly.

I will always give credit to the original recipe, because it is not my goal to poach anyone’s culinary creativity. I just want to share my creations with more people than can actually eat the finished products; I want to share my inspirations, my modifications, and my tips and tricks. My mom gave me the Joy of Cooking, and now it seems fitting to share the “Joy of Baking” with others, or at least my friends and family who will actually read this blog. (This is not to say that every attempt turns out well – and I’ll be sure to share those too so we can all learn from my mistakes!)

Please share comments or suggestions – link to recipes or call me out on anything that seems off! These are the interwebs, after all.

And most importantly, thanks for visiting and happy baking!